A shaved vagina is a clean vagina.







shave your vagina kids. it will do you justice.

YASSSSSSSS and I got the matching bald bussy.

tmi toooday.

Y’all, you can’t shave a vagina. Your vagina is a muscular tube leading from the the outside of your body to your cervix/uterus. If you shaved your vagina, it would be very painful. Please do not shave your vagine. Please.

I know they meant vulva so I gotta get really pissed off. I bathe, thanks. My pussy’s fucking clean and I don’t need to do “hardwood flooring” on my vagina, especially when it makes me fucking itch. I’ll shave if you eat me out later, okay? Otherwise, cuntbeard’s staying.

Mind your own motherfucking pubic hair

I always get very confused when people talk about vaginas as if they’re something you can easily aesthetically manipulate. 


Generally speaking they just are not. 

No.  They are not. 

Also, regarding shaving: any person that only shaves their facial hair complaining to a female-presenting person about shaving.  HEY LET MY TELL YOU ABOUT MY SOCIETAL EXPECTATIONS. NOT. FUN.

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