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So anyways, unless incredible misfortune strikes and this falls out from under my feet, I have a new apartment of my own lined up for me starting next month. However, I am still facing immediate homelessness for the next few days as I will not have a place to sleep after the 27th. Renting a hotel or hostel is out of the question due to unfortunate timing with a super-popular convention in town eating up all the available hotel rooms.

what i’m saying is, if you live in or near the seattle, WA area and can spare the space and kindness for a few days, please help me, ashley, not be miserable and on the street while I move into my apartment.

you can contact me through my tumblr or by sending an email. (forbidden.arcanum@gmail.com). thanks in advance

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Sandman #19, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Art by Charles Vess

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Last night I dreamed that I was at a Sailor Moon school and I somehow accidentally got the best Sailor Moon outfit and acutezza was so mad at me that she told all the teachers I was a horrible cheater and they all hated me and I was sitting there crying and going “but i don’t even LIKE sailor moon!”.

I’m not sure what anxiety this represents, but I’m sure it does.

The anxiety that if you have anything better than me, I will throw a baby tantrum.

VERY based in reality.



Sometimes I think it’s okay to just admit that you like looking at certain kinds of people naked and that’s okay.

I have had the less friendly iteration of this message bouncing around in my head all week. Thank you Cube!!!!




Day reblehg.

hmmmm no luck with scanning those reels

I’ll look into some other way to scan them later